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PMW Constructions has over 30 years experience in the civil industry. We are a family run business that specialise in the supply and construction of the following:

  • Residential subdivisions from 2 to 200 lots

  • Road, driveway and carpark construction including road widenings and intersections

  • Service conduits

  • Sewer and water reticulation.

  • Stormwater drainage infrastructure including detention and bio-retention basins.

  • GPS and ATS Surveying

  • Bulk and detailed earthworks

  • Clearing and demolition (we are a fully licensed demolition contractor).

  • Residentail Building (fully licensed builder)

We are proud of our relationships with council representatives and consultants in all areas of the civil/engineering/development sector including but not limited to:

  • Logan, Redland, Ipswich and Brisbane City Councils

  • Numerous engineers

A lot of our projects are undertaken with repeat clients proving that our service and delivery of projects surpass expectations.  This is achievable by our own development industry knowledge put into practice with our own developments constructed, built and sold over many years.


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